Wanna Buy Shit?

I took a couple more pics of another t-shirt.  This one is another American Apparel, size Small.




A couple months ago I started feeling distinctly non-awesome in my wardrobe.  So, I started brainstorming up several t-shirt ideas that I wanted for myself.   These tees are fairly specific in their niche, soooo!  Are you...

Asian? Bboy/Bgirl? Gay? Law Nerd? Other?  

Product pictures following...


==>Shop link <==


There are two different printing methods Spreadshirt uses for their print-on-demand (POD) shirts--digital printing and flex print. 


Flex printing is basically like cutting out sheets of soft plastic that are heat-pressed into the shirt.  The colors are vibrant, but you can only use up to 3 colors in a design and the shapes must be slightly blockier.


I'm really loving my flex printed shirts.  The edges are crisp, and the overall look is professional.  The plastic feels flexible, soft, thin, and breathable 

The neon lettering, in particular, has amazing color.  It's so bright in the sunlight that it's almost unreal (the flex has a slight reflective quality to it).




Aiyah! T-shirt:   This pic doesn't really do justice to how bright these letters are.  Neon flex printed on American Apparel medium women's tee


In case of emergency, BREAK:  White, red, and metallic gold flex printed on black American Apparel women's tee.




Digital printing is printing directly onto the shirt and allows distressed effects, gradients, and finely detailed edges, but the colors are muted.  The feel of the ink is slightly rough.



Get Rice:  The transparency and grunge effects on the white ink came out beautifully, imo.  I had to try a couple times to get the red bars looking right, though.  Transparency doesn't show up well on black clothing, so I had to make most of the red bars solid (without any distressing) to get this to look right.  Digital printing on American Apparel t-shirt, black, women's medium.

note: I've changed the amount of distressing to make the red bars bolder since the time of this picture, so the actual product is slightly different.


Out of curiousity, I decided to order the cheaper standard weight T-shirt and compare the quality.  (All of the previous shirts in this post are American Apparel.)  The Gildan's T-shirt fits much looser on me, despite being a size Small.  Also, the fabric is much rougher and thicker than the American Apparel T-shirts. 


Personally, I think the American Apparel shirts are worth the extra cost.  They feel a lot more comfortable and breathable, and they fit me better, but I'm fairly petite (5'3" and 105pounds) so your mileage may vary. 


Loving vs. Virginia Gay Marriage Tee:  Digital printing on standard weight Gildan Women's T-shirt, Small




Bonsai Sunrise Hoodie

So, I've been watching the video for Daniel and wanting my own red Karate-kid reminiscent muscle-hoodie, and this is what I came up with. 

This hoodie is sooooo warm and soft.  I could barely bring myself to cut off the sleeves because it is SO DAMN COMFY.  This is a women's small, and it's a little big on me.  


I've gotta hit the gym so that my guns are more intimidating.  XD




I was quite impressed with Spreadshirt's customer service.  Whenever I emailed them during business hours, I usually heard back within 1 hour.  I went back and forth maybe 10 times with this one dude there, asking question after question, and he was always prompt and polite in response.  He even used little colloquialisms like "cool!" in our exchange, so I assume he was an actual human being and not a super smart learning computer like the terminator.


When I had to some return t-shirts, it was painless.  They emailed me a shipping label to print and put on my package, so shipping was free.  And they offered a full refund or full credit for items returned OR I could keep the shirts and be refunded 50% of the cost.  Pretty sweet deal, and no questions asked.


==>Shop link <==



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