UPDATE: PURRfect Sacrilege

While I like the aesthetic of saint candles, having all those religious icons around my virtual house gives me the heebie jeebies.  So, at century_eye's urging, I decided to go ahead and make a significantly less creepy version of the candles by photoshopping Louis Wain's cat heads onto their bodies.



This set contains 6 different candles.

+ Sacred Heart Kitty Jesus

+ Kitty Jesus with Crown of Thorns

+ 2 different Kitty Virgin Mary w/ Baby Jesus candles

+ Kitty Jesus of Prague

+ Kitty Virgin of Guadalupe




Also, I opened up a Zazzle store and put these designs on some random objects in case anyone else is as amused by them as I am.  Click here to visit my Zazzle store. 


Download here.


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Would you happen to have the images you used for the candles? Well, you probably would. But I really just want to print some out and put them over all the religious pictures in my familys household.


These are wonderful. I texted my husband immediately about your Kitty Jesus. He and Buddy Christ are now our favorite modern religious icons.

lol, excellent =^.^=

lol, excellent =^.^=

You should put those on

You should put those on shirts or some clothing item. I want a Kitty Jesus shirt LOL

asims3blog // livejournal

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