Half Braided Afros

By request, a loose afro style with cornrows on the side. 

There are some transparency issues with this hair from certain angles, and I'm fairly certain these issues cannot be fixed short of remeshing the trouble parts.  Since I've already remeshed this thing once, I'm calling it a day and saying it's good enough.  I'm experimenting with a couple different methods for creating a poofy afro texture without resorting to the whole solid-ball-covered-with-transparent-outline trick, so this was one of the results.  There will be more in the future.

Despite all the above, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.  (I just have a little bit more to learn for next time!)

The poly count is a little on the higher side, at about 8400 polys. This hairstyle is enabled for children unisex and for teen-elder females.  Enjoy!


More Images:





Thank you do much for this hair is amaizing and fresh! Very different for all that we can find out there :)
And i'm totally agree with the comments pics, please try it some time i'm very sure that you will make a wonderful work!

Thank you! It's a little

Thank you! It's a little hard for me to find the time to work on these hairs now. I have a few half-finished projects from Xmas, and hopefully I'll be able to wrap those up soon.

best. sims hair. everrrrrrr

best. sims hair. everrrrrrr <3 thankyouuuu!!



Thanks, it's greatly

Thanks, it's greatly appreciated.

Jupiter's cock!

I love this!!!

Your Hairstyles ROCK!!

I love this hairdo. I would personally wear these hairstyle but first I want to start with my sims. Awesome work. I love your site!

FANTASTIC job! thanks for

FANTASTIC job! thanks for being one of the only creators brave and creative enough to go beyond the standard straight hairstyles for sims!




......Right. Thanks to you, after using this hair on my Sims in the last few days, I'm seriously considering in getting this style IRL next week. With sew ins and a partial crow, of course. I'm too....ahem. Attached to relaxer.

But thank you for making this! After seeing these latest hairs, plus the new African-themed EA ones (especially one that's a super-cute cornrow/straight hair fallover that I am REALLY interested in re-making just to make it longer), the game is way much more interesting. Definitely looking forward to what you have in store in the future! /bookmarks

You .. are.. REALLY.. good..

This is totally wowing me.
The mesh and texture are truly AMAZING.

Could I request proper dreadlocks for males from you hand?
Cause if they are going to be high quality like the other hair you made so far, they will rule the roost in Sim-Dreadlock-lovers-land. :)

OMG this is great i love this

OMG this is great i love this hairstyle..i did what you said on how to create hairs and lets just say it dint turn out well lol but i had one question next time you do a edit or a new creation do you mind making the afro side of the hairstyle flat like straight hair im trying to find a hairstyle other than coolsims one because it crashed my game please and thank you


STUNNING! This is soooo sick, well done. Thank you

Fabulous work

Ty so much for doing these. I am trying to use them in game, but I think they are not compatible with version 1.26 or 1.29? I've tried and they do not show up. Hopefully I can use them soon. I've been dying for some ethnic hair.

Re: ^

False alarm.

That is so cool!

I love it, love it, love it!


love, just love -cuddlesnugssss-

I'm loving these

I'm loving these hairs!!!

There are simply not enough like this out there.


just when i thought there were no websites with cool clothes and hairs anymore, i ended up here. thank you so much! I hope to see more "shaved sidecuts hairs" here!

i just stumbled upon your

i just stumbled upon your site today and am in love with all of your hairs. it is so hard to find decent non-straight hair. thank you so much for making and posing. i'm very excited to see what you make in the future!

Different strokes for

Different strokes for different folks!

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The other hairstyles work for me but this hairstyle won't show up in my game.. how is that possible or do you need to have updated patch?


omfg when I saw this my jaw

omfg when I saw this my jaw dropped, I did a double take and I quickly pressed download. Your skills are wow and I am soooo happy someone is doing afro hair. This means a lot to me because I am trying to grow my afro to be huge. Wow, just wow, thank you for your amazing creation!

Are Still Taking Ideas?

Thank you so much for this. Finding quality ethnic hairstyles for the Sims 3 can be quite difficult. This hair and the other styles you did are amazing.

By any chance, if you do decide to do the box braid hairstyle from the page before, can you also do a retexture so that is looks like senegalese twists?

Example Pic:

I'm totally in love with this

I'm totally in love with this hairstyle! I was looking for something for my coloured sims and this is PERFECT! Make moar pwease! I want more hair that can make sims look like me ;;)

MORE OF THEM.... :D i love

MORE OF THEM.... :D i love these afro hairstyles !!! Thats great. Thank you sooooooo much !! :-*


I love this hair very very much! But I have trouble installing it. I tried it with TSRW to convert it into sim3pack file but it doesn't work at all. So can you please make it into sim3pack file?

I love that you make ethnic

I love that you make ethnic hairstyles and hope in the future to see more :)


It's a shame that the Sims 3 store lacks diversity, reality states that women of all colors rock curly hair, afros, frohawks, twist, locks, and braids!!! I'm so glad that you exist representing the soul sim lovers. Thank you!!!

This is just amazing!

This is just amazing!

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