Half Braided Afros

By request, a loose afro style with cornrows on the side. 

There are some transparency issues with this hair from certain angles, and I'm fairly certain these issues cannot be fixed short of remeshing the trouble parts.  Since I've already remeshed this thing once, I'm calling it a day and saying it's good enough.  I'm experimenting with a couple different methods for creating a poofy afro texture without resorting to the whole solid-ball-covered-with-transparent-outline trick, so this was one of the results.  There will be more in the future.

Despite all the above, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.  (I just have a little bit more to learn for next time!)

The poly count is a little on the higher side, at about 8400 polys. This hairstyle is enabled for children unisex and for teen-elder females.  Enjoy!


More Images:




Thanks for the comment!

Thanks for the comment!

Omg this is awesome! lol.

Omg this is awesome! lol. Thank you!

thanks :)

thanks :)

You are so much better at

You are so much better at making hairs!! Im loving your work! :D

Thanks, though I think I'm

Thanks, though I think I'm way better at textures than I am at meshing. I'm learning how to get better at meshing, though, with lots of trial and error.


I love all the stuff you've been putting out! :)

Thank you!

Thank you!


Your hairs amaze me, and the quality is A++++ keep being so wonderful, I really appreciate it! Thank you so much for these beautiful and completely different hairs!

You're welcome, and thanks

You're welcome, and thanks for the comment!

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I seriously love you for

I seriously love you for making this. I mean, I had one of those moments where I shouted, "FUCK YES" at my computer screen and I didn't even feel embarrassed about it. Thank you.

I pretty much shouted that

I pretty much shouted that when I tested out the first working, mostly-non-glitchy version in my game. :)

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:[___________] <--- Jaw is now on the floor, dude...

This is awesome and totally out of the blue. I simply love, love, love, love, love, love, *repeat x87*, love, love this hair! You are amazing, and I thank you for sharing with us!!

Haha, it doesn't feel "out of

Haha, it doesn't feel "out of the blue" for me, but thank you :)

.... one of the best works ever...

omg, thise hair makes me going crazy!! this is amazing work!! oh please, would you convert this to sims 2 or, if not, do you allow this to be converted by somebody you know and you can recommend? please let me know your answer!


I need to think more about

I need to think more about both of those (either converting it myself or giving someone else the ok to convert it). I'll post another reply when I reach an answer.


thank you for thinking about it :) that makes me happy to read.

I decided that I'm okay

I decided that I'm okay giving permission to someone else who wants to convert this mesh. I have made a request topic at GoS. You are also welcome to ask around anywhere else to see if someone would like to convert this hair, but please direct them to me after they agree so that I can provide them with the original files that will make the conversion easier.


you are awesome! thanks!

you are amazing!! I appreciate it very much and I am very thankful!! I saw that already someone replied and I will contact him/her.

you make me the happiest simmer on earth!! ♥
thank you again!

This hair is utterly stunning

This hair is utterly stunning and i am just blown away. You are an amazingly talented person. Your hairs adds so much character to sims. Thank you so much!

awww... thank you for the

awww... thank you for the comment!

Oh Yeah!!

Kitty you are absolutely amazing, this is fantastic, omigod!!! How in the HELL did you do this?? First of all, I don't know if you know of Erykah Badu, (my favorite artist)but she had a photo shoot and her hair was EXACTLY like this, I don't know if that's where your inspiration came from but it's uncanny. Secondly, thank you thank you thank you, for all these much needed ethnic hairstyles, they inspire me so much to make sims that are different and edgier, my story lines have become so much more interesting. Thirdly, you're an awesome creator, always different, and always ahead of the game.

Thank you! ^_^ I hadn't seen

Thank you! ^_^

I hadn't seen that picture of Erykah Badu, but I went looking for it after this comment (and I STILL can't find it!)

Its a Very beautiful work!!!

Its a Very beautiful work!!! It stands apart from the rest of the hair available in the community, to be admired!! Thanks for sharing!!


thank you!

thank you!


That hair is so amazing. Omg. I wish my hair was like that, but it would get all dry and fall out.
I'm going to stop now before I start rambling on about hair. Definitely downloading. :)

Thanks! I wish I could

Thanks! I wish I could change my hairstyle/texture as easily as Sims can. Alas.

You have blown me away with

You have blown me away with this,hair after several months of no desire to play TS3, I've got a yen to load the game right now.

Excellent! Thanks for the

Excellent! Thanks for the comment!

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