Half Braided Afros

By request, a loose afro style with cornrows on the side. 

There are some transparency issues with this hair from certain angles, and I'm fairly certain these issues cannot be fixed short of remeshing the trouble parts.  Since I've already remeshed this thing once, I'm calling it a day and saying it's good enough.  I'm experimenting with a couple different methods for creating a poofy afro texture without resorting to the whole solid-ball-covered-with-transparent-outline trick, so this was one of the results.  There will be more in the future.

Despite all the above, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.  (I just have a little bit more to learn for next time!)

The poly count is a little on the higher side, at about 8400 polys. This hairstyle is enabled for children unisex and for teen-elder females.  Enjoy!


More Images:




This is f-ing brilliant!

This is f-ing brilliant! You're amazing!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Your website is excellent

Your website is excellent with so many useful patterns which are helpful to me.I hope there will be more people finding the site and the patterns they like.There are some transparency issues with this hair from certain angles, and I'm fairly certain these issues cannot be fixed short of remeshing the trouble parts. Since I've already remeshed this thing once, I'm calling it a day and saying it's good enough. Thanks for your introduction.I always knew there was a drop off the further down the page that you are listed but when you see the huge difference between position 1 and 2 it’s amazing!
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This is great! There are lots of smooth hairs from EA and custom creators, but I want to see more like this!

Thanks. Should be more to

Thanks. Should be more to come.

O-M-G!!! It's soooooo

It's soooooo cool!!
You are so amazing as always!!

Thank you!

Thank you!

You are Awesome

Your work is incredible. I love this hair. It's amazing.



Awesomsness overload @___@

Awesomsness overload @___@ This is so what we need more of! I love how wild the afro looks!! And the fact you make it for younger sims too is just awesome! This was a very fantastic upload, what a way to start the new years :3

Thanks. It feels more like

Thanks. It feels more like xmas leftovers to me, though. I was working on a few hairs while I was gone for the holiday and didn't have access to my main computer. This is one of the older ones I was working on. :)

Thank yooouu!

Omg, this is absolutely amazing! I love it! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! =))

ty for the comment :)

ty for the comment :)


Wowzer this is amazing, but then all your creations are, thankyou for sharing your talent with us mere mortals :)

thanks for the comment ;)

thanks for the comment ;)

You've done it again!

I <3's it and now I have more hair for my self-sim. I am so in love your hairs even though they are high poly count, but will sacrifice slowing down my game for this. Keep up the amazing work.

Thanks! Though I honestly

Thanks! Though I honestly don't think of my hairs as being high poly (for custom sims 3 hairs, at least) since it seems like many of the bigger creators consistently churn out meshes that are well above 10k polys.


Thank you very much for this hair. I havent tried it out in game yet but I can tell that is awesome :)



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This is truly amazing! I fell love in with this hair after a glance. Thank you so much:)

Thank you!

Thank you!


LOVE, love, love, love this afro.... its dazzlingly wonderful.

Thank you!!!!!!!

I'm glad you like it!

I'm glad you like it!

Wow this is amazing hair on

Wow this is amazing hair on sims 3 ever :D
Love it & Thank you :) But can you make just a loose afro style without a cornrows?
Like on this photo http://pics.haircutshairstyles.com/img/photos/full/2012-01/dapper_afro_c...
it would be even more amazing XD
thanks ...

Totally, totally seconded!

Totally, totally seconded! (though this hair is AMAZING and i am totally dling)

I'm planning on trying

I'm planning on trying something like that in the semi-near future.


WOW! Okay, first off, your hairs are getting better and better and they keep making me wonder what you'll do next.. I seriously get excited for your updates :) They are so good it's crazy! I love how you have like, your own style? like... it's just so different, like for example... you can just see a normal hair and straight away think, oh yeah.. that's Peggy or that's Newsea.. but yours! they are so different and so unique to The Sims 3! I'm excited to see what you come up with next :)

Oh, and by the way... I have two hairs that I would LOVE for The Sims 3:) just click the link to check them out.
Hair 1: http://www.health-tricks.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Natural-Afros.jpg

Hair 2: * I REALLY WOULD LOVE THIS ONE* http://thirstyroots.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/beyonceafro.jpg

Thanks, keep up the amazing work!!

The first is a "no" for now

The first is a "no" for now because I would probably have to mess around with bone assignments and morphs for it.

The second one I already have saved into my inspiration folder, though I'm unsure when I'll get around to it.


...am in AWE! I LOVE this so much!!! Thank you!

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