Don't Call it a Comb-back

UPDATED: 12.16.2011 - Fixed shine issue & retouched texture with better shading & contrast.  Please redownload.


Frohawks with irregular cornrows for your afropunk (or jewfro-rockin') sims. 


I love frohawks, and us straight-haired people already have tons of different TS3 hair options, so I figured I'd see if I could do frohawks some justice.  This was my first hair mesh ever. (And holy crap, I can understand why a bunch of hair makers end up going pay!)  There was a crazy amount of work involved to learn, make, and troubleshoot this, so I hope you all enjoy it.


These are enabled for all ages and genders.  Poly count is medium/high at around 7700.


Lots of thanks to BloomsBase & CmarNYC for answering my questions, Hysterical Paroxysm & Delphy at MTS for the tutorials and programs, and WesHowe for the Milkshape plugins. 


Note to Creators: Remember to check with my terms before modifying or uploading these files.


Edit:  I just noticed that Tifa made a sim with this hair. (And I love the way she styled her!  I wish I could leave a comment for her!)  It looks like she has a better computer/graphics card than I do, and she took some nice, higher quality pics of the hair.  You can check it out at her blog.  

More Images:




Holy shit, one of the best

Holy shit, one of the best and most original TS3 hairs I've seen! I LOVE it! Can't wait for my child to age up to teen so she can wear this...

Also, one more thing, you

Also, one more thing, you consistently have some of the best TS3 CC out there, but I just wish you updated more. But THANK YOU so much for what you do make, I absolutely love all of it.

I haven't updated for a long

I haven't updated for a long time because I was repulsed by many of the attitudes in the TS3 community, which I explained here.  Tbh, I think a lot of other creators got fed up around the same time as I did and slowly dropped off.
Thanks for the comment, and btw, the hair is enabled for toddlers and children, so you don't have to wait.  ;)


I adore this hair, brilliant job :)

thank you

thank you


Thank you! For this to be your first hair mesh, I think your pix are amazing. I can't wait to try it out.

You know, practice makes perfect (translate as: Pleeeeaze do another). There isn't much out there in terms of afrocentric hairstyles, especially for curly-girls, so if you do decide to try another, I'm sure you'll have many many fans.

Thanks. I still have a lot

Thanks. I still have a lot of learning to do as far as creating hair goes, and I have a few other hairstyles I want to make, so hopefully I'll pick up a few new tricks along the way and figure out better ways to avoid some imperfections.

I will probably be working exclusively on afrocentric and curly hairs for a while. I don't feel a burning need to make yet another long, straight hair mesh when there are already so many available.

this is so awesome and it's

this is so awesome and it's hard to believe it's your first mesh, quality work!

thank you!

thank you!

these are gorgeous Kitty

these are gorgeous Kitty Klan- high quality work if ever there was

ty for the comment :)

ty for the comment :)

thank you so much! finally an

thank you so much! finally an awesome afro textured hair style that i didn't have to hunt all over the interwebz for only to find out it's for sims 2 or for cash :/
greatly appreciated by someone with afro hair ;D

I'm glad you like it! :)

I'm glad you like it! :)

love it!

love it!




As a rocker of the fro-hawk, I must say you've done an outstanding job. I indeed do where my hair like this, braids all. Thanks for even caring enough to make a style like this for the game. It has not gone unappreciated. Thanks again! Great work here!

XD Thanks! I hope you get a


Thanks! I hope you get a lot of use out of this hair! And *jealous* of your most excellent RL hairstyle.

Oh hell yeah, just got peeped

Oh hell yeah, just got peeped on this hair by Sunhair. I am in love and so happy for a fresh, new, funky hairstyle for my sims. Trying this on a sim tonight. Thank you.

Cool, I hope you like it!

Cool, I hope you like it!


I Really Like This & The Half-Braided Afro, Is There Any Way To Make Both Of Them A Sims3Pack Instead Of A Package Cause I Have TERRIBLE Luck With Installing Them. Thank You.

You might be able to convert

You might be able to convert packages to sims3packs with TSRW. If you do this, please only use it for personal use and do not share the file.

good job

good job

oh my freaking god!

oh my freaking god! you make the best hairs ever! i swear to god, i love you o_o
not literally though xD
thank you for all your amazing hairs - im gonna go make an awesome sim to model them now :D
again, thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!

-alix :D

p.s, if ya like, feel free to check out my facebook page:
X:> sims pictures <:X

only if you want to though!

Looks awesome!

Hi Robokitty,

This is looking awesome!

I just saw the note you left a year ago (derpderpneverlooksinblogderp) and yeah, they are very different.
(If you had used my mesh it would never have looked this nice! Mine is too low poly for the Sims 3.)

It looks really nice, and I'm glad to see someone's making nice afro style hair for the sims 3 :)

Greetings from Nouk


thanks sooooo much for your time and choice of hairdos. I'm certainly sure you know how hard it is to find black hairstyles for the sims 3. I am sooo grateful to you for creating this hairstyle because I was just about to give up on looking for these kind of hairs You are definitely in my sims cc hall of fame!!! Although I personally can't create a thing for the sims, I do know how hard and time consuming it is to create hair, so I want to sincerely say that this is very much appreciated, and hope that you consider doing more. I can't wait to put this on my simmies. They're gonna love their new fantabulous 'do! *doing cartwheels*

Thank you!

Thanks! This will be great especially for my black sims (-: i don't know why there are so little hairstyles for them. I'll mention this one in my blog (with credits and links here, of course) if you don't mind (:

Just what I was look'n for

thx sooooo very much for ur time in creating a gr8 work of art.

These are thank

These are thank you thank you thank you :D

Ahhhh. Buenooo!!! I loved

Ahhhh. Buenooo!!! I loved this hair in TS2 & have been looking for it for TS3 since foreverrr. Muy lindaa! Gracias mamitaaa!


can you make a afro with a hat like this below?
I was wondering if i could recommend a sims 3 hairstyle here's a link to what i recommend.

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