UPDATED: 12.16.2011Fixed shine issue & retouched texture with better shading & contrast.  Please redownload.


 A set of bunhawks (or roll and tuck frohawks) for your sims.  The hair texture is wavy / nappy because they were made with ethnic / afro sims in mind, but I think it looks like it fits any race.


I'm going to keep concentrating on making ethnic / afrocentric / curly / nappy hairs for a while now.  While I don't do requests, I AM looking for new ideas on hairstyles to try (slowly building up my skill sets & resources along the way), so if there's a style in that vein that you'd like to see, then link me up with some pictures, and I might get around it.  I still have a lot to learn when it comes to hair meshing, so I'll be picking new projects based on appropriateness for whatever my current skill level is and overall cuteness/coolness of the hair.


These are enabled for all ages, females only.  Polycount is medium, at about 5100.  Because that's within the normal game range, I think I enabled this hair for random, but I can't recall if I remembered to check the little random box.  :-P




Note to Creators: Remember to check with my terms before modifying or uploading these files.

More Images:




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