UPDATED: 12.16.2011Fixed shine issue & retouched texture with better shading & contrast.  Please redownload.


 A set of bunhawks (or roll and tuck frohawks) for your sims.  The hair texture is wavy / nappy because they were made with ethnic / afro sims in mind, but I think it looks like it fits any race.


I'm going to keep concentrating on making ethnic / afrocentric / curly / nappy hairs for a while now.  While I don't do requests, I AM looking for new ideas on hairstyles to try (slowly building up my skill sets & resources along the way), so if there's a style in that vein that you'd like to see, then link me up with some pictures, and I might get around it.  I still have a lot to learn when it comes to hair meshing, so I'll be picking new projects based on appropriateness for whatever my current skill level is and overall cuteness/coolness of the hair.


These are enabled for all ages, females only.  Polycount is medium, at about 5100.  Because that's within the normal game range, I think I enabled this hair for random, but I can't recall if I remembered to check the little random box.  :-P




Note to Creators: Remember to check with my terms before modifying or uploading these files.

More Images:




I love the second picture

I love the second picture under the short hairs. That would make an amazing sim-style.

I don't know if your

I don't know if your interested converting some hair styles by Jayurban12 at Modthesims, as he has some really nice textured fades; I know you said longer hair styles are a challenge right now but I'm a big fan of his "Longer Braids Texture for da sistas" http://www.modthesims.info/member.php?u=321262

Aaand of course the lovely Nouk: Nouk's own haircut, Braids 'n Curls, Long Thick Dreads, Dark lady Braids, her Braid's Pack (ThinBraidsPonytail [Long], ThinBraidsPonytailShort, and BraidsPonytailOverShoulder), Braids in a bun, and Long Thick Dreads in High Ponytail http://www.modthesims.info/member.php?u=23182

(I know Nexxtor did a conversion of the last one but the texture to me looks off, I know the hair looks very difficult but maybe you could retexture it similar to the one you used in you Brushed back Frohawk?) Along them lines, I like what aikea-guinea did to Nouk's Afro Knot Hair but I love your texture of the braids and hawk in your Frohawk maybe applying that would perfect!

I suppose if the original

I suppose if the original creator specifically asked me to do a retexture or a conversion, then I'd be honored to do it, but otherwise I probably will not do either. I like the pride & satisfaction that goes along with making my own styles (the same goes for retextures).

However, it's duly noted that you'd like to see more braids and dreads. The next batch of my projects are going to focus more on loose hair so that I can practice making a variety to curly textures, but maybe after that I'll practice making some braids.

Some Inspiration

I am so happy someone is taking the time to make ethnic hairs. I play mostly ethnic sims and I have always had a hard time finding hairs for them. When I used to play the Sims 2 this used to be one of my favorite sites. I am not sure if Compulsive D can even be contacted anymore, but these hairs used to be some of my favorites. If nothing else this can serve as inspiration. The site is called simpathetic, you should be able to google it with Compulsive D and find it. (I would have included direct links but it kept saying it was spam :/)

Anywho, thank you so much for creating these hairs! Can't wait for the next ones!

I remember Compulsive D's

I remember Compulsive D's dreads fairly well. I'll probably try my own version of some dreads, twists, and braids at some point.

Awesomeness !!!

I'm so in love with the creations that you make, the fro's are soooo awesome, it's so cool to see a hair style that I do in my own daughters hair being done in the sims world. It makes choosing hair a little easier than having to worry about the water down relaxed hair that they have !! LOL. I hope sometime soon, you'll be able to come out with nappy hair, kinky hair, twist, braids, micro's anything of the sort. I'll be checking back, time and time again. I LOVE your creations !!!!

it's so cool to see a hair

it's so cool to see a hair style that I do in my own daughters hair being done in the sims world

Awww, that's so cute! Thanks for the comment.

I really love this hairstyle.

I really love this hairstyle. The only problem I have is when I'm playing in game the texture messes up but in CAS it's perfect. Is there a fix?

I had that happen to me while

I had that happen to me while I was taking pictures, but I just assumed it was my crappy computer because I had 2 sims standing next to each other, and one of them had high detail on the texture and the other one was blurry. I don't know why it does this or if there's a fix, sorry.

Well this bun and the other

Well this bun and the other two that I have downloaded look great in game, they won't look 100% the same as in CAS, no sims 3 hairs do, because in CAS the game uses less resources then in actual game play. One thing I do is play the game with my graphics for sims on very high detail. But if you have integrated graphics than it's the graphics card not the mesh. Hope that helps.

This just makes me want to

This just makes me want to buy a new computer and graphics card. I don't dare run the HQ mod on my crappy machine, and I get kind of jealous of other people's screenshots of my stuff!

Hair style suggestions

Here's my suggestions:

A cesear hair cut like this:
Big puffs like this:
Janelle Monae's hair styles are cute too:
I would LUV if you or anyone could created individuals in the game but I know bone assignment can be a pain in the butt.
Here's a link full of braids too: http://iloveboxbraids.tumblr.com/
Thanks for putting the effort into making tight curl hairstyles, you are greatly appreciated.


your hair are SPECIAL!!! nothing like these ^_^


Thank you for making these. I really like them. :0)

Love this hair!

dont know how i missed this one! i love all your hairs. thank you so much for sharing them


Would love some edged/taped male cuts. Some fades, maybe a high-top or stylized things. Thank you so much for all you are doing!!!

Thank you

I've been searching all over for ethic styles! Thank you

I love your hairs! Unique,

I love your hairs! Unique, creative, and I love the ethnic hair options. I'd cringe giving my afro-sims whitey hair. lol


Looks so realistic. Well defined details. - Aldo Disorbo

I am just thinking how I look

I am just thinking how I look like if I have a hair like this. - Aldo Disorbo

Given the option as what

Given the option as what things to move for the one they had it all. - Adam LaFavre

It's all for the best

It's all for the best presentation and that is all they can have. - Paul Kadri

It's all for the best time

It's all for the best time makes this reality to know about whatever they had to keep. - Lindsay Rosenwald

Could it be done much for all

Could it be done much for all to know whatever they should have at all times. - Steven C Wyer

I am confused about curly

I am confused about curly hair treatment. I have tried many hair styles but I do not know which one is perfect.


I'll have my villain wear this funny bun hawks. - Feed the Children


Ill have my villains wear this. LOL - Feed the Children

You are the best! Now my

You are the best! Now my interracial children have some spice! Thank you so much for your hard work.

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