UPDATED: 12.16.2011Fixed shine issue & retouched texture with better shading & contrast.  Please redownload.


 A set of bunhawks (or roll and tuck frohawks) for your sims.  The hair texture is wavy / nappy because they were made with ethnic / afro sims in mind, but I think it looks like it fits any race.


I'm going to keep concentrating on making ethnic / afrocentric / curly / nappy hairs for a while now.  While I don't do requests, I AM looking for new ideas on hairstyles to try (slowly building up my skill sets & resources along the way), so if there's a style in that vein that you'd like to see, then link me up with some pictures, and I might get around it.  I still have a lot to learn when it comes to hair meshing, so I'll be picking new projects based on appropriateness for whatever my current skill level is and overall cuteness/coolness of the hair.


These are enabled for all ages, females only.  Polycount is medium, at about 5100.  Because that's within the normal game range, I think I enabled this hair for random, but I can't recall if I remembered to check the little random box.  :-P




Note to Creators: Remember to check with my terms before modifying or uploading these files.

More Images:





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Thank you for the awesome hairs!

Hi, I'm hoping you can make a more loosely curled type afro in this shape. with headband fine as long as its not too big (the hair and the headband lol)


My style of choice is something low, usually in one tail, 2 is more for girls under 18
(2 is also fine btw)

looking for some less eccentric hairs for my mixed sims that is not straight.
I'm really hoping to see more from you, keep up the good job!

Those are definitely styles

Those are definitely styles that I intend to try in the future.

WOOW...another great hair.

WOOW...another great hair. I'm so happy someone is finally making afro/caribbean hair for the sims. Thank you a million!

You're welcome! Enjoy!

You're welcome! Enjoy!

Wow!! This hair is so

Wow!! This hair is so amazing!! I luv this!!
Thanks for sharing this^^

Thank you!

Thank you!

Loving the ethnic hair and THIS one especially

I just HAD to say I am in LOVE with the hair you are doing. I used this one in game last night and I'm just in AWE. I have been dying for more ethnic hair in the sims. I also love the way you do the roots in particular. The detail is fantastic. But enough rambles..

Here are some things I would love to see if you want to give them a go...
Braid Crown-Fro

Box Braids

Goddess Braids

Thanks! Sorry to say, but I


Sorry to say, but I will probably not be doing more cornrows in the near future aside from recycling parts of my old mesh. It was pretty intensive to mesh all the cornrows, and I need to level up my skill and learn some more tricks to make myself more efficient before I give it another try. But once I try them again, I will probably make something like the braid crown-fro picture and the first picture under goddess braids. Also, I really love the 2nd Box braids picture that you linked, so I'll save that for the future.

This is so, so pretty. Thank

This is so, so pretty. Thank you!!

ty for the comment

ty for the comment

Reply to comment | Kitty Klan

Is there any much more of this ? Thanks anyway for your іnformаtiοn!

What about а platt or mаybe a fiѕh tail bгaid ?

Τhanks for сarryіng out this :) Tаke it easy

Some suggestions for Black Hairstyles

Thank you for your time, talent and creativity. I appreciate your efforts. I really need some more ethnic styles for my sims. Here are some suggestions for men and women:



Thanks again, anything you do will be appreciated.

Oh gosh, the hair in the

Oh gosh, the hair in the first picture is so pretty! I might not be able to resist it. Thanks for the pics of men's styles too... some of them could make good photo references.

I downloaded this last week

I downloaded this last week and forgot to come back and comment, sorry.

Thank you very much for making and sharing this! All three of these recent 'hawks are outstanding, but this one is my favourite.

Thanks for coming back and

Thanks for coming back and commenting!

You are awesome

Im speechless. Your amazingness is overwhelming for doing hairs like this, you have no idea how long I have waited for someone to recognize the fact that curly /afro hair exists.Thank you.

you have no idea how long I

you have no idea how long I have waited for someone to recognize the fact that curly /afro hair exists

I know, right?

But at least now I get the satisfaction of creating stuff in uncharted TS3 territory, which is kinda neat for me.


Okay first of all thank you for making these beautiful ethnic hairs ...Being an African American simmer its nice to be able to make sims more authentic with our latest hairstyles and lifestyles.. I actually had my hair sort of like this for Thanksgiving....I am definitely following your artwork Mz Kitty Klan, and I'm so excited to see what else you come out with....I've damn near downloaded everything on your site!!! Great Job!!! I love it!!!

Thanks for the comment! I

Thanks for the comment! I plan on branching out into a few more mainstream styles in the future. I really enjoy the challenge of meshing right now, so I think I've got quite a bit of steam left.

As for what's next, I started to work on a half braided / half afro style, but it has some serious transparency issues, and I'm going to have to start the mesh all over again. With the holidays coming up, I probably won't be able to fix it/release it until afterwards, but at least now I have something to do on the plane ride. :)


As an African-American/natural-haired player I really appreciate your upcoming/new afrocentric hair mods; I can finally make a self-sim without looking like I have a relaxer.

I'm just so happy with any new styles you create. <3

Thanks! I just hate how

Thanks! I just hate how black sims have so few choices if I want them to have natural hair. The EA styles are mostly ugly, which leaves maybe 2 or 3 Nouk conversions to choose from. And there's so much pressure in pop culture for women to use relaxers, as if there's something wrong with their natural hair... ugh! At least this is something I can help rectify in TS3 by making some freaking awesome natural hairstyles.

just perfect!

Kitty you are the best! I love your new stuff, and the new hair is incredibly beautiful, just like the rest you did before!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Oh gawd, YES!

I love your works.



Wow, lots of curly styles!

Wow, lots of curly styles! I've been doing some research on some tricks for making curly hair with polygons, but so far I haven't found much aside from applying a curly texture on a relatively flat plane. It may take me quite a bit of a experimenting to make a curly hair that looks right, but I like a challenge. Thanks for the pics.

I love the second picture

I love the second picture under the short hairs. That would make an amazing sim-style.

I don't know if your

I don't know if your interested converting some hair styles by Jayurban12 at Modthesims, as he has some really nice textured fades; I know you said longer hair styles are a challenge right now but I'm a big fan of his "Longer Braids Texture for da sistas" http://www.modthesims.info/member.php?u=321262

Aaand of course the lovely Nouk: Nouk's own haircut, Braids 'n Curls, Long Thick Dreads, Dark lady Braids, her Braid's Pack (ThinBraidsPonytail [Long], ThinBraidsPonytailShort, and BraidsPonytailOverShoulder), Braids in a bun, and Long Thick Dreads in High Ponytail http://www.modthesims.info/member.php?u=23182

(I know Nexxtor did a conversion of the last one but the texture to me looks off, I know the hair looks very difficult but maybe you could retexture it similar to the one you used in you Brushed back Frohawk?) Along them lines, I like what aikea-guinea did to Nouk's Afro Knot Hair but I love your texture of the braids and hawk in your Frohawk maybe applying that would perfect!

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